AusAgave provides an advisory service to growers for selecting the best species and cultivars for the location and conditions

There are numerous species and cultivar selections available, but not all will perform optimally in all locations. The AusAgave team can help in plant selection and plantation management to maximise sugar and fibre levels.

For those interested in purchasing plants without contracts, please contact AusAgave to receive details of plant availability.

Commercial agave production

To produce commercial quantities of fermentable sugars and fibres from selected agaves, growers may need:

  1. A contract for processing at an existing mill; or
  2. A contract for processing at a planned mill; or
  3. Minimum annual planting area of 250 ha in a region to support an agronomist, a harvester group, and small modular production facilities; and
  4. Processing knowledge for syrups, inulin or spirits.

Details for commercial growers on site visits, administration/agreement forms and contracts are available on registration with AusAgave.