About AusAgave

AusAgave is the global leader in the commercialisation of agave cultivars for sugars and fibres in the bio-mass markets. The species and cultivar selections focus on agaves that will yield the highest levels of sugars and fibres for many growing regions. For over 10 years, AusAgave has innovated, designed, and implemented various technologies and proprietary methods to create turn-key solutions for agave biomass production of plants and plantations from the ground up.

AusAgave has taken the use of selected agaves to a new level, well beyond the current spirit and fibre markets, by mechanizing the crop and demonstrating viable utilisation of the entire harvested agave plant for biofuels, animal feeds, bioenergy and biomaterials.

AusAgave is at the forefront of global biomass production in marginal dry-land areas. AusAgave uses agaves that are highly suitable to withstand and thrive under increased temperatures and lower rainfall resulting from climate change.

AusAgave also has selected species suitable for commercialisation within lower temperature environments, thus providing agave solutions for most situations.

Ausagave’s Mission

Our mission is to maintain global leadership in supplying the Agave value chains through innovation, strategic partnerships and development of new plants, processes and technologies, with environmental stewardship and sustainability.

Our team

AusAgave’s small independent specialist team makes for an agile organisation comprising the very best people available globally to grow your business.

Don Chambers has an overall global focus on growing specific agaves in many different soil and climate locations, plus has extensive knowledge of end product and technology options. Don was instrumental in developing mechanisation options for the crop.

Dr Jose Ignacio del Real Laborde covers Mexico and provides technical support to AusAgave globally.

The team is further supported by a leading agronomy company that provides and implements on-ground advice and solutions for plantation management.

AusAgave has access to an incredible national and international network of expertise.