Agaves for sugars and fibres

AusAgave are global leaders in selecting and growing agave plants for sugar and fibre.

Originating from Mexico and Brazil, Agave plants have been used since ancient times for food, fibre and building. Agave is now grown and harvested in Australia as a commercial crop. AusAgave's proven cropping systems help ensure the highest yields of sugar and fibre.

With similar climatic zones to Mexico and Brazil, Australia has excellent environments for commercial Agave crops. AusAgave can assist growers with selection of Agave varieties for specific locations. Agave thrives in drought conditions, high temperatures,  and when grown on marginal land. It needs no fertiliser, and is naturally disease and pest resistant. Australian crops have shown no evidence of disease. They can be harvested at any time of the year.

Industry opportunities for AusAgave growers

Agave is currently grown for it's sugar and fibre content. The sugars are used commercially for the production of:

  • biofuels (ethanol)
  • spirit beverages ('Tequila')
  • pharmaceuticals ( health and wellbeing products)

The fibres in Agave are commercially used for:

  • bioenergy (power)
  • drinking straws
  • bioplastic products (e.g., biodegradable cutlery, coffee cups, plastic bags, containers)
  • insulation panels
  • cement
  • textiles

The whole Agave plant is used commercially for:

  • livestock feed (cattle, sheep, goats)
  • soil improvers

In Australia, Agave is grown commercially and used for:

  • biofuels
  • spirit beverages

Benefits of Agave in a changing climate

With the changing climate in Australia and globally, Agave has been recognised as a suitable crop for planting in marginal dry areas, and has tremendous potential as a commercial crop.

Agave has fire retardant properties, and in Brazil is being planted as a fire-break crop.